It Was Just A Run-Down Old Motel — Until They Transformed It Into Apartments For Homeless Vets

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Los Angeles declared a state of emergency in 2015 due to their ever-rising population of homeless individuals.

Many of them are veterans who fought for their country prior to destitution, like this disabled vet.

With so many people on its streets, it can become hard to appreciate the glamour and culture of the city when there is an influx of people in need.

However, the city, as well as a tireless nonprofit, are helping get homeless individuals off the streets through several implementations.

Through their efforts, the number of veterans without homes has gone down 30% this year — and they’re making it all happen by converting old motels into apartments for homeless veterans.

These apartments offer privacy, utilities, and a sense of independence that they would not be able to achieve through other resources.

Learn more about the progress on these amazing shelters below!

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Ever since declaring a state of emergency because of their rising homeless population, the city of LA has implemented actions to get veterans in need off of the streets.

Their primary course of action is converting old motels into housing for the homeless.


Built through the nonprofit Step Up, these units will hopefully available for veterans to use by 2017.

One of their completed transitional apartment conversions Step Up On Vine has been extremely successful with tenants being able to stay as long as they like.

The units will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

The city is also working to give incentives to landlords who offer offer housing to someone who is homeless.

The city strongly hopes that these combine programs will bring their homeless population down to an eventual zero.

Though they have a lot of time and money to go through before they reach the goal, the fact that many vets will be off the streets because of their programming is enough reason to continue on their mission.

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