Mom Believes Her Son Is Reincarnated With Deceased Veteran

by Emerald Pellot
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It all started when 4-year-old Andrew Lucas began having crying fits.

“He just starts crying hysterically and I say ‘What’s wrong Andrew?’ and he says, ‘Why did you let me die in that fire?’ ” says Michele Lucas, Andrew’s mother.

The family from Virginia Beach has been trying to understand what’s happening to their son. An appearance on the show Ghost Inside My Child only spurred more questions.

“I started doing some research and nothing came about until we started piecing stuff together with the TV show,” says Michele.

Michele believes that her son must be possessed by a ghost or may have a past life (like 4-year-old Jacie) as the deceased U.S. Marine Sgt. Val Lewis, who died in a bombing October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon.

However, based on what Andrew says, it’s as if he experienced Lewis’ death as his own.

“Scared me, scared me! I didn’t know if there was a spirit coming out of him,” says Michele. “He kept saying he lived at 860 Main Street in Sumter, GA.”

“He went right up to the gravesite, he was okay. Put the flowers down and then he took off and ran to another grave and it was a marine and he said, ‘That’s my friend.’ ”

Then even more strange things began to happen:

“About two weeks ago, there was an emblem on my wall and it was like somebody went up to it and turned it, and it went right back,” says Michele.

Michele wants Andrew to see a psychic to figure out what’s going on. Do you think this is a textbook case of reincarnation? Let us know in the comments!

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