Little Boy Believes He’s Reincarnated WWII Pilot

by Paul Morris
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A lot of people are calling James Leininger the official proof of reincarnation. Just after his second birthday, he began to have horrific nightmares about crashing in a plane somewhere in the Pacific.

What disturbed his parents the most was the little boy’s reaction to the dreams; five to six times a week, James woke up in a panic, fighting with all of his strength to escape the cockpit of the sinking plane.

When he was only 3 years old, he began to draw pictures and describe the life and death of a WWII fighter pilot. Signing each picture as “James 3,” when asked why he added the “3,” he simply responded, “because I’m the third James.”

After some research his parents began to believe that their little boy was quite possibly the reincarnation of James Huston Jr., A WWII fighter pilot who died off the coast of Iwo Jima.

The boy had an odd comfort around old military aircraft, he knew the names of other pilots, locations, even the name of his ship, The U.S.S Natoma Bay.

Bruce was initially disturbed at the thought of reincarnation; a devout Christian, he didn’t truly understand what it all meant that his boy could be sharing the soul of an old pilot. But after years of research, he slowly began to believe.

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