How To Save Money And Reduce Food Waste By Organizing Your Messy Fridge

by Beth Buczynski
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There are only two reasons I clean the fridge: something gross spilled in there and is threatening to grow mold, or I’m moving.

It’s only when you empty out the contents of your entire fridge that you can really see how messy it is in there, probably because most of us are refrigerating these 11 things that should never be kept in the fridge.

When blogger Cally Gagnon looked into her fridge — which holds all the food, drinks, and condiments for her family of five — she only saw chaos.

So one fateful day, she decided to get it organized once and for all.

Channeling the inspiration of her favorite organizational guru, she used some cheap placemats and a label maker to turn a disorganized jumble of food and drink into a perfectly zen refrigerator.

Scroll through the images below to see how she did it, and use her tips to get your fridge under control for good!

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Like most of us, this is what Cally saw when she opened her fridge: a jumble of produce, containers of leftovers, and half-full bottles.

Cally writes: “We are a busy family of 5 so that fridge door is constantly swinging open and closed with very little rhyme or reason to the organization.”

Their biggest offender? Condiments.

…Bottles and bottles of condiments!

Once her refrigerator shelves were totally empty, she got to fully inspect the state of things…

Lo and behold the doors and shelves were a LOT cruddier than they looked when the fridge was full.

After thoroughly wiping and sanitizing the shelves and door cubbies, Cally knew she had to do something to prevent the fridge from getting that icky again.

She writes: “One of the main issues I have is spills, so to tackle that, I bought some cheap plastic placemats from Target and cut them to fit the shelves.”

Don’t the placemats make the whole fridge look nicer? Well, they’re not only for aesthetics.

“My hope is that this will make cleanup easier,” Cally writes. “I can quickly pull out a mat and wipe it much easier than a whole shelf.”

Cally also used her handy label maker to create an organizational scheme for the fridge that would be obvious to anyone putting away food.

Here’s what the fridge looked like when Cally was done. Zero clutter and everything in its place!

She writes: “I realized in tackling this project, I had WAY too many leftovers just hanging out in there.  I don’t know about you, but somehow leftovers seem less than appealing when you aren’t sure how long they’ve been around!”

To help keep track, Cally created a cute printable tracking sheet that you can download here!

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