Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Just Changed Her Hair Completely And Now They Look Nothing Alike

by Angela Andaloro

The first weekend of Coachella is just hours from starting. The music festival brings a lot of creativity out of celebrities.

We’re sure to see fashion and beauty choices that will be previewing the must-have styles of the summer. One second-generation starlet has debuted a subtle but sweet hair change that will surely inspire trends Ava Phillippe.

Ava is undoubtedly gorgeous. People often marvel over how much the 19-year-old looks like her famous parents. She’s the oldest child of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Ava is known for exercising some more creative liberties than either of her parents, blazing her own trail.

It isn’t easy looking fabulous, but Ava is no stranger to it. It’s not the first time she has experimented with hair color, and it’s clear she can pull off any look. With festival season upon us, Ava is definitely emerging as an early contender for all things festival-fashion inspiration — and with her new hair change, she’s never looked less like her famous mama!

Ava Phillippe isn’t afraid to be her own woman. Despite being the daughter of two celebs with serious star power, she’s forging her own path.

Ava’s mom is Reese Witherspoon. People often comment on how similar the two look.

Then again, it’s hard to say that Ava doesn’t look like her dad, too. She and Ryan share some serious similarities.

But when it comes to fashion, Ava is blazing her own path. She doesn’t abide by the relatively clean-cut, classic looks her parents favor.

With Coachella upon us, we’re sure to see some wild styles from Ava. She’s no stranger to the festival.

Ava has been hitting up the festival since at least 2015.  At only 19, she’s practically a Coachella veteran.

In the past, Ava has embraced a lot of festival trends. Her look is simple but contains enough embellishments to really stand out.

Ava is an artist, so her embellishments are definitely creative. We’ve been waiting to see what she would do this year!

Ava didn’t disappoint. Shortly before the festival, she debuted a new rainbow hairdo.

The hairstyle is a combination of two things that Ava seems to love. She’s rocked a rainbow-inspired look on several occasions.

Ava also loves experimenting with her hair color. She recently shared a throwback to the beginning of high school that shows her with deep fuchsia hair.

Ava is definitely not afraid to take style risks. Whether it’s for a photo shoot or just a night out with friends, she has a way of effortlessly shining.

jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon

Ava’s choices are a far cry from her mom’s look 10 years ago. Reese hit the festival with then-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal in a loose romper and straw fedora.

Ava’s hair is surely the first step of her Coachella style transformation. We can’t wait to see what outfits the young trendsetter will wear!