Couples Tattoo Red Strings On Their Pinky Fingers As A Secret Way To Show Their Love

by Phil Mutz
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Everyone shows their love in dramatically different ways.

Some say “I love you” with presents, while others do it with physical affection.

Some express their love by traveling the world together, while others go a more traditional route, right down to the wedding ceremony and wearing rings on their fourth finger.

But when I spotted this tiny red tattoo that some couples are sporting, I had no idea what it meant.

It is very possible that you’ve seen a person with the tattoo of a small piece of red string on their pinky finger. For these folks, this tattoo is an expression of love that dates all the way back to ancient China.

Scroll through below to see the absolutely beautiful legend behind each little red marking, otherwise known as the Red String of Fate.

While not everyone might choose to express their love in this manner, it truly is a stunning and important way to show one of life’s deepest connections.

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red string of fate

If you’ve ever seen someone with a red string tattoo on their pinky finger, you have likely only found one half of a pair.

Couples in love will sometimes show their deep affection for one another by each getting a tattoo of the Red String of Fate.

But the meaning behind these strings goes much deeper than a shared love of finger tattoos.

red string of fate

The Red String of Fate first appears in ancient Chinese legend.

According to the story, the Chinese gods would tie invisible string around the ankles of two people that fate would one day bring together.

The invisible string would be their way of finding one another.

red string of fate

Japanese culture adapted this myth, with their tradition believing that the string was tied around the pinky fingers of two lovers who were destined to meet.

red string of fate

Similar to the concept of soulmates, the string  tied on by the gods of love  would keep two souls connected no matter where they went or how far apart they were.

If time or circumstance separated the two lovers, they would still be able to find their way back to one another.

red string of fate

Today, inspired by the beauty of the red string, couples are getting little red strings tattooed on their pinky fingers.

These tattoos symbolize the strong bond and connection that exists between the pair. The string shows that they will remain connected in their love wherever they go.

According to legend, the string will stretch and stretch, but it will never break.

red string of fate

The Red String of Fate is not only a lovely myth, but it has inspired couples around the world to express their love as undying and unbreakable.

While the manner in which people say “I love you” is extremely personal, this heartwarming concept is certainly something that we all can appreciate as a beautiful way to show love.

Watch the video below for an even deeper look at the Red String of Fate.

The story behind these red string pinky tattoos is absolutely beautiful.

How do you show love for the people you love? What do you think about the Red String of Fate?

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