Cops Reprimand Waitress On Her Way To Work Before She Sees They’re ‘In’ On Boss’ Plan For Her

by Amy P
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“It’s not just a burger and fries with Colleen, it’s an experience.”

Colleen expected an ordinary Wednesday afternoon shift at the Red Robin restaurant in Des Peres, Missouri.

The wife and mother of four worked as a server there for 12 years while making a lasting impact on everyone with whom she came into contact.

Fran was a Red Robin customer who was undergoing cancer treatment. Colleen would go to her house and bring her food or spendd time with her the hospital.

After Fran passed away, Colleen set up an entire day to honor her customer-turned-friend. Fran’s husband still goes into the restaurant just to visit with Colleen.

“If you could clone Colleen, the world would be a better place,” her co-worker said. You can’t really get a better compliment than that.

Though she’s described as an extraordinary server, Colleen and many other hardworking folks who work in customer service often go under-appreciated.

In the video below, Colleen thinks a camera crew has come to Red Robin to film a story about their community events. Little does she know what’s waiting behind the doors.

Once she deals with the police, that is…

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