Mom Creates Lifelike Dolls For Grieving Mothers

by Emerald Pellot
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When Laura Berry goes out, people cannot help but comment on her baby’s appearance. They come up to her with compliments about her adorable chubby baby, that is until they realize that the child isn’t alive.

It’s a doll. She brings her dolls to senior homes to comfort the residents, and even the staff members were blown away by how lifelike the dolls are.

Berry began making the dolls by accident. She ordered a doll online, but it arrived broken. Instead of returning it, she decided to fix it herself. Now, she creates these delicate, lifelike infants with luxurious materials like angora and porcelain, selling them for $250 to $4,000. But this craft isn’t just decorative.

Berry lost an infant of her own. The inexplicable loss was painful, but creating the dolls was helpful.

Many of her customers are women who have lost children; the dolls aren’t merely delicate creations, they’re often exact replicas of children who have passed too soon.

“My heart does go into every piece,” she told USA Today. “It’s just something to have and to hold onto, to remember that child.”

When a child’s life is taken so early, there are so few tokens we have to remember them by. Berry provides a small gift that can help grieving families cope.

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