Young Daughter Vanishes From Home Without A Trace But A Nurse Sees Her In Man’s Car 3 Days Later

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Every parent’s worst nightmare is suddenly losing a child. You never know if there’s a stranger out there who wants to harm your son or daughter and take him or her away from you.

In the case of the parents of young Rebecca Lewis, authorities say it was a family friend who they had no idea wanted to take their precious child.

Police say that last October, the little girl was snatched from the front yard of her home by a man named West Wild Hogs. As soon as the 4-year-old was deemed missing, Amber alerts went off in five states: Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky.

Authorities say that for the next three days, the 31-year-old and the little girl were spotted all over the South. However, it wasn’t until a father-daughter duo saw them that police were able to catch up and bring the child home.

Nurse Kaytlin Brown and her dad spotted them in the parking lot of the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. She took note of the clothing both individuals were wearing and realized they were the ones described in the Amber alert.

The nurse then called security, which authorities say led to the eventual arrest of the suspect and Rebecca’s safe return to her parents and grandmother.

The family said that they were relieved that their little girl was not harmed at all in the kidnapping. They’ve also said that they are willing to forgive their friend as long as he gets the help he needed.

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Footage provided by WTSP Tampa

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