Hair Salon That Says ‘Real Men Braid’ Offers Class Teaching Dads How To Do Their Daughters’ Hair

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Our fathers are usually the last person we go to for help styling our hair. But thanks to Cozy’s Cuts for Kids in New York City, that’s all about to change.

When Cozy’s Cuts for Kids founder Cozy Friedman noticed countless dads coming into the salon with no clue how to handle their daughters’ hair, she decided to start a class just for dads, dubbed “Real Men Braid.”

“‘Real Men Braid’ is a class that we offer at Cozy’s Cuts for Kids because we started to find that a lot of dads were asking, ‘How do I do a braid? How do I de-tangle the hair? How do I use an elastic?'” said Cozy. “The first class was sold out completely.”

During “Real Men Braid,” dads learn everything from how to properly brush long hair to how to make a simple braid. Though it sounds easy, dads can attest that braiding a little girl’s hair is no simple task — especially when there’s so much fussing and flailing going on!

“Hopefully we can bond over it instead of crying over it,” said one dad, his daughter smiling menacingly.

In the past, Cozy never saw dads come into the salon, but recently she’s noticed that the gender roles are shifting and that dads are starting to take on duties that moms traditionally held.

“When I opened my first salon… we never saw dads in the salon,” said Cozy. “Families are not so cookie-cutter, like they used to be. Dads are a lot more involved. It’s so beautiful.”

Check out the results of a “Real Men Braid” class below, and make sure to SHARE this video with any dads you know who could use some pointers in the hair department!

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