This Fox And His Puppy Friend Are Like The Real-Life Version Of ‘The Fox And The Hound’

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Today in “Adorable Animal Friendship” news: A fox and a hound are BFFs in real life, and it’s wayyyyy cuter than the Disney version.

Phoenix and Copper are the bestest of pals. Phoenix is a red fox, while Copper is a 4-month-old Labrador puppy. For the most part, foxes and dogs do not get along. On the contrary, they’re bred to be enemies of one another. But Phoenix and Copper’s friendship is proof that fox/hound friendships aren’t just a Disney fairy tale.

Their owner, Carrie Miller of Teutopolis, Illinois, originally adopted Phoenix as a pet. (Red foxes don’t generally make good house pets, but it can be done in special circumstances.)

Carrie and her partner work all day, though, so she wanted to find a friend for Phoenix to keep him company. She was inspired by The Fox and the Hound — Copper is even named after the pup in the movie!

The Fox and the Hound was a movie very dear to our hearts when our children were little,” Carrie told StoryTrender. “They loved the movie and I think if given the right environment and are raised together, Copper and Phoenix can be friends without knowing they were truly meant to be enemies in the wild.”

At first, Phoenix was nervous about the new puppy’s presence. But over time, the two have grown to be inseparable. They spend all day chasing each other around their pens.

“I’m hoping they will be best friends forever,” Carrie said.

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