Rare White Giraffe Is Spotted Happily Grazing In Kenya

by Angel Chang
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Rangers and members of the wildlife community in Kenya have been looking for a single white giraffe for two months.

They first heard rumors that a rare white giraffe had been sighted on reserve grounds, and set out to find him.

Photographer Jamie Manuel was among the group of people who first spotted the white giraffe grazing with his herd.

Unlike animals who have albinism, like this rare pink albino baby elephant, the precious wild giraffe has a condition called leucism, which is caused by a reduction of various types of pigment, and results in a partial loss of pigmentation on the skin.

While more of a distinction has to be made between albino and leucistic animals, it’s safe to say that all animals with these two conditions are all incredibly stunning.

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[H/T: Daily Mail]

White giraffe

A rare white giraffe was recently spotted grazing in the Kenyan bush.

It was a rather breathtakingly remarkable sight: the giraffe had no visible markings on its body, and has a condition known as leucism, which results in a partial loss of pigmentation.

White giraffe

Many other animals, including lions, tigers, horses, and birds have this condition.

The condition leaves them with white, pale, or patchy-hued skin, hair, scales, or feathers.

Unlike with albinism, the condition is caused by a reduction of various types of pigment, not just melanin.

White giraffe

This particular giraffe was found roaming the African bush with its herd of about 20 giraffes, who seemed not to notice anything different about their friend.

White giraffe

Photographer Jamie Manuel, of the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) in Kenya, snapped these photos of the extremely rare Rothschild’s giraffe.

White giraffe

Rumors had been going around since February that there was a white giraffe on the reserve.

And luckily, Manuel has so far been one of a few people who have witnessed it.

White giraffe

“Word was sent out that we were on the trail of the white giraffe and slowly herders sent word back of the general area it had last been seen in,” Manuel told the Daily Mail.

On the second day of the search, he finally spotted a giraffe herd in a clearing in a forest — and among them was the famed white giraffe.

“The rangers were thrilled to get a closer look, and were pleased to see that the animal looked healthy and was feeding well,” Manuel continued.

Other wildlife communities in Africa have previously sighted white giraffes on their reserves, but the condition still remains a remarkably rare one.

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