Lone White Crocodile Baffles Australians With A Rare Skin Condition That Puts Her In Danger

by Jess Butler
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Odds are, you probably haven’t seen a crocodile quite like this one before.

She’s just like any other croc, but her skin differs greatly from that of her green- or brown-scaled friends. This crocodile’s skin is actually white, though some people mistake her for an albino reptile.

You see, this crocodile has a rare condition called “hypomelanism” that causes her skin to lack pigment and appear white instead. The unique creature is named Pearl, and she lives in the Adelaide River in Australia. She created quite a buzz when she was spotted on January 8, 2018.

In the video below, the white crocodile swims around her habitat as a boat floats by. As you can see, her light complexion makes her stand out in the murky water — a problem that white crocodiles face in the wild.

Their rare condition makes them more visible to both predators and prey because they can’t use their skin to camouflage themselves.

According to, Pearl’s hypomelanism may be genetic or caused by the temperature at which her egg was incubated before birth. The fact that she’s survived through adulthood makes her even more rare!

Luckily, people are taking notice of the incredible reptile, which will hopefully be enough to keep her safe.

What would you do if you came across this rare white crocodile?

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Thumbnail Photo: CBS Local – KYW Philadelphia

Footage provided courtesy of CBS Local – KYW Philadelphia

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