Pregnant Mom Defies Odds With Rare Set Of Quadruplets And It Takes 20 People To Deliver Them

by Amy Paige
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Katie Ferraro of San Diego had defied the odds by becoming pregnant with naturally fertilized quadruplets.

It was especially surprising for her and her husband because neither one has a history of multiple births in their families.

The news was equally as alarming as it was exciting. Doctors told Katie from the start that there was a 50% chance her babies would be born premature and with varying degrees of health risks. She and her husband rejected the idea of selective reduction and decided to move forward with the pregnancy and all four fetuses.

At nearly 31 weeks pregnant, Katie was in the last place anyone expected her to be.

While most women carrying four babies are on bed rest or living at the hospital, she was still home and caring for her 1-year-old daughter.

What makes a multiple pregnancy so delicate is the fact it can be so unpredictable, which made it impossible for Katie’s medical team at Sharp Healthcare to plan for the exact day, time, and circumstances behind her delivery. All they knew was they needed to be prepared for her to come in and deliver at any given time.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Katie underwent a scheduled C-section — requiring a team of 20 different medical professionals to be assembled in order to make sure the quadruplets would be safely delivered.

Video credit: Sharp Healthcare / YouTube / Facebook

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