Camera Catches Rare Moment 127 Lb Baby Giraffe Is Born, And The Footage Is Absolutely Stunning

by Olivia Jakiel
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The miracle of birth is just that — truly a miracle. And sure, humans giving birth is a beautiful thing, but have you ever seen a baby giraffe unexpectedly pop outta his mom after hanging out in the womb for 15 months?

Us either — until now!

A camera at the West Midland Safari Park near Birmingham, UK, caught Arusha, one of the giraffes in the park, giving birth at 5:45 p.m. on October 3. The newly born calf, who is unnamed as of now, weighed in at a whopping 58 kilograms, or around 127 pounds. That’s one big baby!

Head of wildlife at the park, Angela Potter, said the entire staff was delighted at the birth of the new giraffe calf. “The Wildlife Team are thrilled with our beautiful new arrival.

It’s been lovely to see the reactions of the other members of the herd, who have been interacting with him from day one.”

She continued, “With giraffe numbers plummeting by 40 per-cent in the past 15 years, we hope our new calf will inspire action and raise awareness of the issues these animals are facing in the wild. We are really pleased with his progress and are looking forward to watching him grow up amongst his extended family.”

If you happen to be at the park, you might be able to get a glimpse of the leggy bundle of joy. “Guests may be lucky enough to spot him either in his outdoor yard or on safari,” Angela gushed.

Check out the incredible clip below to see this long-legged angel make his world debut.

Video credit: Newsflare

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