Mom Asks Her A Question, But NEVER Expected This Ridiculous Response. OMG!

by Caroline Bayard
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Parents know anytime you ask a little kid  a 

At :37, I Melted!" href="" target="_blank">simple question, their answer is going to be anything but simple!

Christine Baillrgeon knows exactly what I’m talking about. In this hysterical video she uploaded to YouTube, the mom of two little girls is filming her younger daughter’s fourth birthday celebration when she decides to ask an obvious question.

Christine asks her daughter what she wished for when she blew out the candle on her birthday cake. Unfortunately for this mom, she forgot about the golden rule. Never ask what someone wished for!

The older sister, however, is very quick to remind the younger one to keep her wish to herself, sparking a full-on, hysterical debate. Mom can’t even believe what she just started as she laughs, listening to the back-and-forth. What else can you really do?

When she finally reveals that she wants to fly on a rainbow unicorn for her birthday, I nearly lost it. What I would do to have an imagination like hers again!

Do you know any hilarious kids like these two little ones?

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