She Covers A 3-Tier Cake In Rainbow Fondant For A Showstopping Dessert

by Angela Cook
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It always amazes me just how decorative one can get when it comes to designing a cake.

In this clip, YouTube user CakeStepByStep demonstrates a fun and beautiful way to transform your blank canvas of a cake into a showstopper.

Sure, her design is somewhat technical, but it’s pretty self-explanatory — enough so that anyone can do it.

This three-tier white cake serves as a great backdrop for the pops of color she later puts on top. Starting with white long pieces of fondant, she uses a blue stick of sorts to create space between the cake and the fondant. The effect looks like medium-size ripples all around the cake.

She later cuts out multicolor fondant circles, and then scrunches them up, pressing each on the cake, one at a time.

She layers each piece of fondant under one another in color order, and it’s quite impressive to see the final product in all of its rainbow ombre glory.

This rainbow ombre masterpiece reminds me of this beautiful rainbow unicorn cheesecake. It’s amazing how endless the possibilities can be when creating dessert.

It’s also fun to think that no matter how complicated, you can make your cake look like anything, just by manipulating fondant.

What a fun and easy technique that creates such a beautiful result!

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