Everyone Is Talking About These Mesmerizing Rainbow Bagels

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

When it comes to delicious food trends, New York City’s myriad bakeries and eateries can often be found leading the charge.

We all remember the cronut craze that took the food world by storm a few years back  and just recently, the restaurant Black Tap made waves by debuting a series of outrageously decadent milkshakes.

These days, all eyes are hungrily focused on the Bagel Store, in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

The brainchild of Scot Rossillo, who bills himself as the “World’s Premier Bagel Artist,” this is no ordinary neighborhood deli.

The shop is best known for its elaborate “Rainbow Bagels,” over-the-top breakfast monstrosities that come in a swirl of Day-Glo hues and are usually topped with one of the store’s bespoke cream cheese flavors, like “Birthday Cake” or “Cannoli.”

According to Business Insider, the bagels themselves “taste like cereal.” With so much going for them, it’s really not too surprising that they’ve blown up lately.

It’s not challenging to see the appeal; after all, who wouldn’t want to eat something this beautiful?

Not to mention, these decadent bagels are served loaded with the house’s own cream cheese.

The most popular pairing for the Rainbow Bagel is a hefty serving of Birthday Cake cream cheese, a Funfetti-based concoction that has won rave reviews in its own right.

Not only are they nice to look at, they’re also a labor of love. According to Bustle, the shop can produce 5,000 ordinary bagels in the same five-hour span it takes to make just 100 Rainbow Bagels.

The bagels are individually hand-rolled. Accurately, they’re even billed on the menu under the heading “Bagel Art,” a separate category from its pumpernickel and sesame seed compatriots.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all that extra labor is reflected in the price.

An ordinary bagel from the Bagel Store will run you just $1.15. A Rainbow Bagel will set you back a whole $3.95.

People definitely aren’t deterred by the higher price point, judging from the pictures flooding the internet!

Lines to snap up the colorful bagels are long, and snapping a picture as proof that you made through the wait is de rigueur.

For those of us not close enough to make the trip in to pick one up ourselves, never fear.

Rainbow Bagels are now shipped nationwide and can be purchased by the dozen on the store’s website.

While you can’t order cream cheese online due to food safety concerns, you can have the colors and look of the bagel custom-made for your event!

The Bagel Store can do just about any variation, from your school’s colors to special, seasonal varieties!

We have to say, even if we hadn’t heard tons of good things about them, we’d still want to give them a try, especially after watching the mesmerizing video of the bagels in production, which you can check out below.

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