Couple Has The Cutest Pregnancy Announcement Recorded On Film

by Paul Morris
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It’s only after the very worst and darkest storms that we get the amazing opportunity to witness a rainbow. While we may all suffer losses from the fierce winds of a horrible storm, that moment when it all suddenly clears is one of the things that makes living on this Earth so beautiful to begin with. Without the darkness, we wouldn’t get the opportunity to fully appreciate the light.

While everything happens for a reason, sometimes that knowledge doesn’t do much to sooth your soul. When Courtney and Nathan Arndt suffered through the tragic and horrible loss of their baby, it must have seemed like things would stay dark forever.

So when this young but heartbroken mother found out that she was pregnant once again, she knew in her heart that this time things were going to work out. Even though she’d never forget the loss of her beautiful angel, she knew that after the storm there was a rainbow waiting to be born.

Thankfully, Courtney was smart enough to think to film her telling her husband the good news. She set up a camera and left a stuffed toy on the bed. When Nathan walks in and realizes what it all means? We couldn’t stop smiling.

Congratulations to the Arndts! We’re so sorry that you had to fight through the storm, but we’re all overjoyed at your newest addition!

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