White Woman Goes On Racist Rant Against Park Worker While Wielding Scissors

by June Rivers
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Andrés Patino is a public outreach coordinator with the Recreation and Parks Department in San Francisco.

He was recently doing some outreach work at a park when his day took an unfortunate turn.

Andrés spotted an unidentified woman removing signs and barriers that kept park-goers from entering the playground at a certain area of the park.

Andrés informed the woman she was not allowed to take down the signage or cut down the ropes; they weren’t hers to remove.

As the woman turned her attention to the park worker, she wielded her pair of scissors and called the signs “unlawful” and “unconstitutional.”

She launched into a tirade about COVID-related issues, telling Andrés to “go to the hospital and tell them to kill you on a ventilator like they’re doing to thousands of others.”

Then she started hurling racist insults at Andrés, who was born in Colombia and immigrated to the United States at the age of 9.

“Go back to wherever you came from.”

As you’ll see below, it wasn’t until a park ranger intervened that the woman complied.

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