Teen Survives Nearly Fatal Car Crash And Thrives

by Emerald Pellot
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One day, Rachel Pentecost was driving in the rain when her car hydroplaned, spun off the road, and hit a tree.

The teenager was trapped in the car for hours before emergency responders were able to safely retrieve her. Doctors were amazed she survived, but three years later, they’re even more stunned by how she thrives.

Rachel lost a leg in the accident. She has spent the last few years adjusting to her new prosthetic leg. Boy, did she adjust. Rachel was able to run a 5K (3.1 miles) color run — a feat many folks with both legs wouldn’t dare try without intense training.

Still, that wasn’t the real closure she needed. There was something she had to do before moving on.

A big part of the reason Rachel survived is through her own resilience, of course, but there was also the whole slew of emergency responders who saved her life. Rachel and her family decided to throw a great big party to thank them for giving her a second chance at life.

“My message to everybody is thank you so much. God is number one, but they are right there,” Rachel said. “They helped me so much.”

Rachel is now heading back to school to a pay it forward and become a physical therapist. See this incredible story of survival below!

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