Dad Loses It When Daughter Confesses She Wants To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store For $54

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Anyone with a sibling has, at one point or another, dreamed of selling their brother or sister. When I was little, I was known for singing “Brother For Sale” around the house. Sadly, I never got the chance to sell him.

A little girl named Rachel also had the bright idea to sell her brother, Jason, so she could get something she actually wants. While sitting with her dad, Rachel revealed that she thinks they should sell him, because “something in him is wrong.”

Dad immediately started to laugh and then decided to further investigate. “Who are we gonna sell him to?” he asked.

“The pet store,” Rachel replied. Her dad then asked how much Rachel thinks they could get for Jason. “$1, or $2, or three… $54!”

Her dad was then curious to know what she planned on spending all of that money on. “I really, really wanted a toy owl,” she explained. “So, that’s what I’m going to spend it on.”

Her dad played along as if they might carry out the plan, and Rachel is fully onboard with it. Rachel then had the great idea to buy her brother back — on sale — after she got her owl.

“Jason, we’re going to go sell you to the pet store,” the dad yelled to his son. After that, Rachel told her brother not to worry because they’d be sure to buy him back!

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