Woman Who Could Hear Her Own Body Receives Lifechanging Procedure

by Catie Keck
Catie Keck is a New York-based staff writer at LittleThings who has produced work for various web and print publications.

But Rachel Pyne has battled an extraordinary number of obstacles in the last few years. She suffered a rare and debilitating condition that allowed her to hear every move her body made, from the moving of her eyes to the beating of her heart.

The 27-year-old photographer from Merrillville, IN said that few could sympathize with her condition. “I could hear my neck muscles moving, like different things inside my body and when you tell people that, they are like, ‘you’re crazy,’” Pyne told ABC News. She added that she’d often spend days in bed well beyond noon, unable to enjoy simple pleasures like watching TV or listening to music because they caused her excruciating pain.

In addition to the constant discomfort, she also began suffering from dizzy spells.

After consulting with nine different specialists, she was eventually diagnosed with a rare condition called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (SSCD)b her surgeon, Dr. Quinton Gopen in the department of head and neck surgery at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Her condition is characterized by a tiny hole in one of the three canals of her ear, he says. And while surgeries for SSCD used to require a significant amount of recovery and heavy scarring, medical advancements in recent years have allowed surgeons to complete the procedure without significant invasion.

After years of suffering, and even being told she’d live with her condition for the rest of her life, she tells UCLA Health that Dr. Gopen diagnosed her “within 15 minutes.” She’s now recovering with no issues at all.

She tells ABC News, “When I woke up from surgery I knew right off the bat that I was better and I had no more dizziness and I was talking to the nurse right when I woke up and I was ready to get up and go somewhere.”

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