Mom Notices Another Family Cutting Corners At The Store And Pays For Their Groceries

by Emerald Pellot
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Sometimes we post little anecdotes that help us learn how to be kinder, like the son who teaches his father the real meaning of gratitude.

However, this story is completely true.

Rachael Scott recently had a wonderful encounter with a family at the supermarket, after which she hesitantly shared this experience with her church, Fairview Baptist. In turn, the church then also shared the heartwarming encounter.

For our part, we think her act of kindness deserves a little attention. After shopping at a busy supermarket, Rachel and her three children got in line. They happened to stand in line behind another couple and their four children.

The supermarket was crowded that day, the lines were long, and the family in front of them was meticulously checking out.

Then Rachael noticed something peculiar about the way the mom and dad were sorting their groceries. When she realized what they were doing, Rachael knew she had to act — and she did.

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“I hesitate to post this, but really feel like the Lord wants someone to hear this. This isn’t to make me look good or what I did better than other people. I just want to let Jesus be glorified. I know the Bible talks about don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is giving and I’m hoping I’m not out of line by sharing this.”


“Heading to the grocery store is always an adventure, add three children in the mix and well I believe that ups the adventure level to thrill ride status.
Today armed with my Aldi bags and children we headed into the store to conquer filling the fridge (that stopped working while on vacation) and bare cupboards.”


I often run in and try to go through as fast as I can and get out. Today was no exception. When we got to the checkout only 2 lines were open and the lines were long. I was trying to pick a line but a lady in front of me was kind of blocking both lanes waiting to see which would be quicker.

One line had a few people with full carts and the other had one family with 4 kids in line that was sorting out their groceries in a very odd way. The lady in front of me seemed very annoyed and picked the longer line. My kids were getting antsy and starting to get a little loud but I felt the Lord leading me to watch what was happening with the family in front of me.”


The mom and dad were having the cashier scan one item at a time and tell them the total. The mother was picking thru the piles and picking out items that were needs and not wants. It was obvious they had a very strict budget they had to stay on.

All the extra treats and popsicle that they picked didn’t fit in the budget. I felt the Lord say buy it. Our family lives well and we have what we need and a enough for extras.”


I didn’t have a clue what it would cost but I said yes Lord. I spoke up and said go ahead get those the Lord is paying for those extras today. The mom just looked at me. I was trying to not make a big deal and just do it, but I saw one of the little girls wipe tears from her eyes and it almost broke me.”


“So many times we are so busy so distracted we miss these sweet moments. My kids were having a good old time because they KNEW they were getting the things they need and what they wanted as treats. Those children were watching anxiously not sure if they could get the things they wanted.

I looked at the little girl and said sweet heart the Lord loves you and wants you to have every blessing because every blessing comes from him he owns it all.

It was quick and simple.”


After they left the cashier thanked me. She said, ‘You know what he does own it all doesn’t he?’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am he does.’ She said, ‘And you paying for those groceries, that was all about him wasn’t it?’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am.’ She said, ‘Wow that’s what love looks like.’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am he loves us all so much.'”


“Love is colorblind.
Love doesn’t care about social economic status.
Love doesn’t care what the person has done.
Love doesn’t care where they live.
Love doesn’t care what job they have if the have one.
Love didn’t have to have a church or denomination attached to it.
Love isn’t waiting to see what is giving back or in return.
Love is all we need.
Love is Jesus.
I pray today we all slow down long enough to see the moments where we can show Jesus, and show love to anyone around us.Please find some one this week that you can show JESUS LOVE TO this week they are lots of families out there that you may be confronted with to help are you going to Listen to JESUS or satan who tells you you may need it later?”

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