Mom Looked 9 Months Pregnant At Just 19 Weeks And Now Her Bump Is So Massive She Can’t Walk

by June Rivers
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After meeting on a blind date, Skyler and Jamie fell in love, got married and decided to start a family.

The couple from Utah had two sons, Shayden, 12, and Landon, 7. They desperately wanted another baby, but conceiving for a third time proved much more difficult and exhausting than they expected.

Jamie and Skyler spent five emotional years trying for another baby. Then, at the age of 33, Jamie turned to fertility treatments.

When her later tests showed high hormone levels were high, doctors told the hopeful couple there was a strong possibility they were pregnant with twins.

During their ultrasound, Jamie expected to see one or two little sacs. 20 minutes later, the ultrasound tech found not one, not two, not three… but four healthy heartbeats.

Then they found the fifth. It was quintuplets! A 1 in 55 million chance!

Jamie and Skyler cried tears of joy and surprise.

The pregnant mom is now 19 weeks pregnant, but at 5’4, she already looks nine months pregnant and ready to pop.

Not only that, but her baby bump is growing at such a fast pace, and has became so heavy, she’s virtually unable to walk. In fact, she must now use a wheelchair.

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