Couple Sees Old Photo Of Their Quiet Neighbor On TV And Learn He’s Been ‘Missing’ For 35 Years

by Amy Paige
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June Dayao, 60, is a retired teacher who lives in a quiet residential neighborhood of Daly City, California.

She and her husband had friendly relationships with their unassuming neighbors. They even planned on buying tickets to a Giants game with their neighbor, Tim, who had moved onto their street several years back.

Tim was described as an all-around pleasant guy and the ideal neighbor. He always wore a San Francisco Giants hat. He was quiet and mostly kept to himself. He lived with a woman who had already been living in the house when Tim moved in. He never really discussed his job or details about his life.

June and the rest of the neighbors just assumed he was retired and enjoying his golden years in peace.

Then one day in June 2018, June turned on the news and recognized the man staring back at her on her television screen. The man was posing in an old black-and-white photo released by the Air Force.

The man in the photo was a much younger version of her neighbor Tim, of that she was sure — only the news story was about someone with a completely different name and background.

Before June knew it, news-station trucks had flooded her street. The cops eventually came and arrested Tim at his home.

That’s when the shocking truth began to emerge — that Tim had been living under a fake identity and had supposedly vanished back in 1983 with “top security clearance.”

Yep… and it gets crazier from there.

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