Queen Elizabeth Admits For First Time That Her Iconic Gold Carriage Is A ‘Horrible’ Bumpy Ride

by Kat Manos
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Many are intrigued by the notoriously private life of Queen Elizabeth II, and who could blame them? She’s a powerful woman with decades of secrets yet to be told.

And now, in a new documentary arranged by the Smithsonian Institute, the Queen is spilling some age-old secrets.

Most notably, the Queen discussed in great detail everything that was going through her head on that fateful Coronation Day when she took the throne on June 2, 1953 — and she wasn’t thinking what you might expect!

Instead of focusing on all the impending responsibilities that a Queen would take on as the head of her country, Queen Elizabeth was more concerned with how uncomfortable her transport felt.

Apparently, that iconic ride from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey was “horrible” and quite the bumpy ride for her!

“[It was] horrible,” the Queen explained. “[The carriage] is only sprung on leather and not very comfortable.”

The gold carriage, which was commissioned in 1760, is about 24 feet long and weighs nearly four tons. The Queen remarked how heavy and slow it rolled: “only at a walking pace” and “not meant for traveling at all.”

Well, four tons is certainly a lot for royal horses to push, I would think!

The carriage might look like a fairytale ride to anyone who isn’t the Queen, but Her Majesty would certainly know better.

To hear more about the gold carriage and the Queen’s famous Coronation Crown (which the Queen says was quite heavy!), check out the video below. And please SHARE it on Facebook with your friends!

Photos: YouTube / The Royal Family; Wikimedia Commons / AaronMcCracken/Harrisons

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