The Queen Fired Royal Bra Fitter Of 57 Years Because The ‘Boobologist’ Wrote A Tell-All Book

by Caralynn Lippo
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The royal family is in the public eye almost 24/7. But at their core, the Queen and her relatives are notoriously private when it comes to their personal lives.

Recently, a longtime business associate of the royals made the devastating mistake of talking too much about a particularly intimate aspect of the monarch’s life: her bra fittings!

The Telegraph reports that the Queen’s longtime lingerie supplier, Rigby & Peller, was formally stripped of its royal warrant because of a scandalous tell-all book the company’s former owner had written, which included stories about her years as the royal bra fitter.

Royal warrants are given to businesses who have supplied services to the royal households (either the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, or Prince Charles) for, at minimum, five years, according to Vogue. For 57 years, Rigby & Peller held the royal warrant as the exclusive corsetiere of the royals — until former owner June Kenton published her autobiography, Storm in a D-Cup.

According to The Telegraph, the book (published in 2017) goes into detail about June’s years spent fitting the Queen, Princess Margaret, and even Princess Diana. One of the most intimate reveals in the memoir is June’s description of fitting the half-dressed Queen while the monarch was surrounded by her corgis. June (who has described herself as “the UK’s leading boobologist,” according to Vanity Fair) also wrote in her book that Princess Diana “would accept posters showing models in lingerie and swimwear to give to princes William and Harry to display in their Eton studies.”

The 82-year-old former bra fitter did not submit a copy of her book to the palace before publishing because she didn’t think it was necessary. June told The Telegraph that she received a letter from the Lord Chamberlain in 2018 informing her that Rigby & Peller would be relieved of its duties as the official royal bra fitting company because of her book.

“It is very sad for me that they didn’t like it, and I’m finding that very difficult to accept. It’s horrible and a real shock,” she said. “I never ever thought when I was writing the book that it would upset anyone. I’ve had the royal warrant for so long, I never imagined that this would happen.”

In addition to a new royal bra fitter, the Queen is also in the market for a new chef, according to the recent report in the video below.

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