Queen Elizabeth’s Hairdresser Broke Her Diamond Tiara Just Hours Before The Royal Wedding

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When I think of a royal wedding, I imagine it to be a perfect fairy-tale experience.

But of course, royals are humans too, and are not immune to mishaps, mistakes, accidents, and last-minute crises.

Just take Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip as proof.

The Queen was just 21 years 0ld when she married her husband on November 20, 1947. Philip was 26.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married 70 years now, making her the longest married monarch in British history! But even though Elizabeth and Philip may have their fairy tale marriage now, there was a near disaster just hours before they tied the knot.

The morning of her wedding ceremony, then Princess Elizabeth’s diamond tiara broke!

I’m sure any bride would be distraught if her tiara, veil, shoes, or any part of her wedding ensemble suddenly broke — but imagine if the whole world was watching!

The Queen’s hairdresser accidentally broke the tiara, but thankfully there was just enough time to get it fixed before the ceremony. Elizabeth was married in the tiara as she had hoped, and her wedding was complete.

If you’re married, did you have any near disasters like one this on your wedding day?

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