Mom Gives Birth To Quadruplets. 27 Years Later, The Eldest Is Transformed By New Job As A Doctor

by Kristin Avery
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Brianna Miner and her three siblings made medical history at UC Irvine as its first set of quadruplets conceived through a fertility treatment. And now, 27 years later, Brianna will graduate from the UC Irvine School of Medicine.

Dr. Manuel Porto, the doctor who helped deliver her, will place her cap on at graduation before she heads to Chicago to practice emergency medicine.

The Miner quadruplets were born at 32 weeks with a team of doctors and nurses assigned to each baby. Brianna was the first born and weighed in at only three pounds.

Dr. Porto remembers their birth vividly. “Each baby was identified by a color and Brianna’s was green,” Dr. Porto says. “Green is also the color of a doctorate of medicine so perhaps it was pre-ordained.”

Dr. Porto has always played an important role in Brianna’s life and remains close with the family. He continues to serve as her mentor and inspired her to pursue medicine.

“Thanks to my mom’s diligence and Dr. Porto’s guidance, we were born healthy,” Brianna says.

During medical school Brianna did a six-week rotation at UC Irvine, working alongside many of the doctors and nurses who helped bring her and her siblings into the world. Brianna has truly come full circle and will surely make an incredible physician!

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