Single Woman Poses For Wedding Photos After Doctor Diagnoses Her With Terminal Breast Cancer

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Almost all young people dream of their wedding day.

A 27-year-old woman named Q May Chen is no different; she always wanted a beautiful wedding, complete with a wedding photo shoot.

The young woman, who lives in Taiwan, always thought that she would someday get her dream. At just 27, she hoped she had years ahead of her to find her soulmate.

However, Q May recently received a devastating diagnosis.

She fought and conquered breast cancer several years ago. Tragically, her cancer recently returned. This time, it’s terminal.

However, Q May isn’t about to let her diagnosis stop her from living out her dreams. Like the two elderly ladies who asked to be arrested to fulfill their bucket list wishes, Q May decided to make a lifelong wish a reality.

She’s currently single, but decided to throw tradition out the window. Q May doesn’t have much time left, and she knows there’s only one person she needs to please right now: herself.

With that in mind, she put together an elaborate solo wedding photo shoot to fulfill her every bridal fantasy!

Q May Chen is a 27-year-old woman from Taipei, Taiwan. She is an incredible fighter and a brave, brave soul.

Four years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought hard and she managed to beat the illness.

However, her cancer returned just a few years later. Now, her doctors have told her that the disease is terminal.

Q May is single, but she always wished for a beautiful and extravagant wedding day.

Without much time left, Q May decided that there’s no reason her single status has to keep her from fulfilling her long-held dream.

Q May has been through a lot in her life; she knows that a husband might be nice, but that her dreams and desires are all that matter right now.

As a gift to herself, Q May decided to celebrate her spectacular, wonderful self by throwing a wedding photo shoot all her own.

Her solo wedding photos are ethereal and dramatic. It’s impossible to tear your eyes away from this beautiful, beautiful bride enjoying herself to the fullest.

She told Cosmo, “Time is very valuable, every moment can not be wasted…I do not have to wait; I can complete my own dream.” Q May looks beyond happy in every single shot.

For the extravagant photoshoot, she went to palatial venue on Yangming Mountain.

The elegant manor house is designed to look like an Italian villa. The fairy-tale effect of the space features gorgeous gardens, stunning architecture, and a beautiful, classical aesthetic.

Of course, no matter how stunning the setting, Q May is the star of every image!

For the photoshoot, she selected not one, not two, but four beautiful wedding gowns to wear in the photos. If anyone deserves four wedding gowns, we think it’s this brave young lady.

She picked a few different styles to highlight different aspects of her personality.

She has one red gauze dress (not pictured), one pink embroidered dress, one white lace gown, and one white gauze gown.

Speaking further to Cosmo, Q May explains, “The red is for personality, pink is sweet, white yarn [lace] is princess, and gauze is sexy.”

She poses in a variety of different settings in each dress, taking full advantage of the glorious Italianate mansion.

Here, she poses in the gauze dress, a mermaid style with sheer cutout, under a lacy spiral staircase.

Q May knows that she just has a limited amount of time left, but says that she hopes her special photoshoot helps to remind everyone that life is short, and that time is precious.

Q May has fulfilled her biggest dream in the time she has. Now she wishes for everyone touched by her photos to fight hard for their own dreams, no matter how fantastical or otherworldly.

Was your heart touched by Q May’s brave celebration of self?

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