Snake Wrangler Shows How To Remove Massive Python From Kitchen Cupboard In Less Than A Minute

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Every day, I feel lucky that I don’t have to live in a place where snakes are so common that they find their way inside my home. I’m so afraid of the slithering animals — whether or not they are poisonous — that, if this weren’t the case, I’d have to call a snake wrangler at the sight of any kind of movement in my house!

These people are decidedly unafraid of snakes. They retrieve them from their dark hiding places without harming the animals or themselves. Then, they release them back into the wild, where they won’t bother people.

The best part? They remain totally calm and collected while doing so!

Check out the snake wrangler in the clip below. The young man from Australia demonstrates how he was able to remove a carpet python from a kitchen cupboard in less than a minute.

These pythons can hide in the unlikeliest of places — in this case, in the darkness behind pots and pans.

He starts by removing some of the obstacles so he can get a good grip on the animal. Then, he reaches into the cupboard with a hooked tool and manages to grab the python. It almost looks like a dance, if you ask me. It’s so fascinating!

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