Clever And Creative Uses For Leftover PVC Pipe

by Ariana Seigel
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I am always looking for easy DIY projects to test out during a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Since I don’t have a ton of space in my apartment, I especially love a life hack that requires minimal hardware  like this DIY project that transforms IKEA furniture into brilliant bedroom storage.

But it never dawned on me that leftover PVC pipes could actually be used for a number of stunningly creative projects.

A super-cheap find at your local hardware store, these pipes are usually used to alleviate your plumbing problems. But with a bit of imagination and a few spare hours, they can become a versatile building block for almost any construction project.

From storage units, to desks, to even a fully functioning lemonade stand, PVC pipes are sturdy enough to create the DIY project of your dreams (and on a budget!).

Will you be trying any of these PVC life hacks? Let us know in the comments!

Do your taxes while getting in your daily workout with this PVC-constructed standing desk.

These funky decoupage flower holders were constructed out of a few PVC pipes, old pictures, and Mod Podge glue.

One blogger completely reinvented her linen drawer with this easy-to-make PVC organizer.

Instructables user “JohnThomas75” built a space-saving DIY bike rack with a PVC shelf.

An elegant wine rack that’s straight out of your favorite upscale magazine was built with just a few PVC pipes.

This crafty blogger created a colorful spot to hang her ever-growing Washi tape collection.

Here is a DIY project you didn’t even know you needed. This Etsy seller used a piece of PVC to build a handy blowdryer holder.

The DIY-ers at Form U Fit constructed an adorable retro lemonade stand out of nothing but PVC pipes.

With a few pieces of PVC and a cut-up pool noodle, this creative DIY-er crafted the perfect fishing pole rack.

Needlework expert Terry Olsen has sewed stunning designs with this DIY loom.

One blogger used PVC pipe to design a luxurious and comfy spot for his pup with this adorable doggy daybed.

PVC pipes are a fantastic building material to create endless DIY projects  so grab a few and get crafting today.

What would you create out of PVC pipes? Let us know in the comments.

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Thumbnail Image: Flickr