Mom Notices Daughter’s Purple Birthmark Keeps Getting Bigger Until It Engulfs Her Entire Face

by June Rivers
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Kiana Smith, 39, was born with a large port-wine-stain birthmark on the left side of her face — a collection of dilated blood vessels that causes dark purple pigmentation.

The giant birthmark is also visible on her chest and neck and has completely destroyed her left ear. She experiences mysterious fevers and painful swelling, and the mark has also affected her speech.

Kiana says the birthmark should have been treated when she was a little girl, but doctors weren’t as experienced with such conditions back in the late ’70s.

Kiana was called many cruel nicknames throughout her childhood, including “Purple People Eater.” At times, she was treated like she wasn’t even a human being.

She was no stranger to rude stares and comments. On one occasion, a woman even made the sign of the cross on her chest when she saw her appearance.

As a child, she had very few friends… and there was no way to hide her birthmark from the world.

But now, after five surgeries and laser treatment to reduce her birthmark in size, Kiana looks a whole lot different. What’s more, that she has undergone a drastic internal change and has come to accept her facial birthmark despite the years of bullying.

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