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Dad Hears Strange Noises From Old Sewer, Then He Snaps A Flash Photo And Sees A Puppy’s Eyes

by Paul Morris
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This is one of those things that could happen to anyone at any time. We all like to think we’re the best parents in the world, but you never know when some random thing like this could come out of nowhere.

Someone heard some odd sounds coming from a nearby sewer, so they called it in to Michigan Humane Society, assuming it was raccoons or some other woodland animal. But when the first responder arrived to check on the situation, he must have been quite shocked to find a tiny puppy trapped in the muck.

He actually had to use the flash from his camera to even see what or who was stuck down there, but when he saw it was a defenseless and starving little puppy, he knew he had to act fast.

It took a lot of work, but eventually he managed to pull Leo up out of the sewer, and instantly his little tail began to wag like crazy. The poor dog was horribly malnourished from days without food or good water, and the doctors had to keep a close eye on him. It looks like he’s feeling much better and on his way to a good forever home!

It’s scary to think how easily this could happen to any dog owner. He still had his leash on when he was found inside the hole. The rescue team thinks that perhaps he had gotten away from his owners somehow and then fell into the sewer. The owners might have looked long and hard for their lost puppy, but if he was down and trapped in that dark hole, it would take dumb luck to find him.

Thank goodness he started squeaking and calling out for help, and thank goodness for the alert neighbors who called for help, too!

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