Woman Gushes Over New Puppy Only To Fall Over After Seeing Name Tag Says ‘Will You Marry Me’

by Mauricio Castillo
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A man from Virginia surprised his girlfriend with a new puppy, but she truly lost it when she noticed what was written on the dog’s name tag!

In the video below, John Higbee brought his girlfriend, Lacey Peter, an unbearably adorable Labrador puppy. He wanted to surprise her, so he set the dog down on the ground right before she stepped outside. Lacey walked out of her garage, only to find the tiny puppy staring up at her in her driveway.

“What is that? No, you didn’t,” Lacey said to John. “There’s no way you did that. Is this real? I’m going to cry!”

She couldn’t take it any longer and went to embrace the puppy.

“You’re lying! This isn’t ours! Are you lying to me?”

Lacey continued gushing over the puppy as John assured her he was theirs, but then, the woman behind the camera told her to check the puppy’s name tag.

Lacey looked down at the little heart hanging from his neck, but instead of a name, she found a sentence: “Will you marry me.”

Then she looked up at John with wide eyes and saw him down on one knee, with a ring in his hand.

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