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Firemen Rush Out Of Burning House With Unconscious Puppy And Revive Him With Doggy Oxygen Mask

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Along with being the second-largest fire department in the United Kingdom, the West Midlands Fire Service is also one of the most progressive.

Joining forces with the Smokey Paws charity, each of its 38 fire stations are equipped with specially designed oxygen masks to use on pets. Each station has a kit with three reusable oxygen masks of different sizes.

And within days of receiving those oxygen masks, a fire station based in Birmingham had to put them to use.

In the video below, firemen with the Billesley station rushed to fight a blaze in an apartment building. The fire was successfully put out and most of the residents were evacuated, but not everyone was so lucky.

In fact, one of the firefighters came across an unconscious puppy. The poor puppy had been rendered unconscious by the heavy smoke of the fire.

“I think he’s still alive!” one of the firemen exclaim in the video.

With that, a team of them rush outside with the puppy hanging limply in their arms. Once away from the building, they place the puppy on the ground and apply the special oxygen mask.

And, thankfully, within moments the pup begins to come to.

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