Brave Pup Springs Into Action When He Sees Rattlesnake By Owner’s Leg During Hike

by Kim Wong-Shing
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An Arizona puppy is sporting an adorably swollen face after suffering a venomous rattlesnake bite. Todd, a 6-month-old golden retriever, leapt at the snake to save his owner’s life, certifying his status as a Very Good Boy.

Paula Godwin, 44, took Todd out for a walk in her hometown of Anthem, Arizona. On the way home from an otherwise uneventful stroll, she almost walked right into a rattlesnake’s path.

“I was walking on the paved road and did not see a snake right there by my foot,” Paula said. While some rattlesnakes warn people by rattling their tails, others don’t — and they can be easy to miss.

Unaware of the danger lurking just inches away, Paula kept walking. But a vigilant Todd noticed the creature on the ground, and he jumped between his human and the dangerous reptile.

In response, the rattlesnake bit Todd on the nose. Right on the snoot!

Arizona rattlesnakes are venomous and potentially lethal, depending on the species. Pets, especially small puppies like Todd, are especially vulnerable to snake bites.

“Todd was yelping right away, crying,” Paula continued. She rushed Todd to the animal hospital in under 10 minutes, where he was given antivenom to treat the snake bite. He remained in the hospital to recover for about 12 hours.

Now he’s back home with Paula, resting and enjoying plenty of treats. Thanks to Todd’s heroic efforts, both he and Paula are safe and healthy.

“Todd is on the mend, and he is doing so well,” Paula said.

The only evidence of Todd’s kind deed? An enormously swollen face. Luckily, it’s pretty dang cute.

“He for sure saved me from getting bit, and he’s definitely my hero.”


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