Puppy Is All Alone When Mom Dies Until He’s Placed In With Cat’s Own Litter

by June Rivers
When she's not blogging for the 'net, June loves cuddling with her cats and reading in her library at home.

In 2016, a two-day-old puppy named Bobby became an orphan when his mother was struck and killed by a car.

At five weeks old, the tiny chihuahua mix desperately needed a mother to nurse him and care for him.

The staff at the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) came up with an idea, but at first they weren’t sure if it would actually be effective.

A mama cat named June had recently given birth to a litter of kittens and was starting to nurse them. So, the staff took a chance and introduced Bobby into her brood. Would she accept him as one of her own?

“It’s a misconception that cats and dogs can’t get along, and as we see at the Michigan Humane Society, they can often become loving family members,” said Ryan McTigue, spokesperson for MHS.

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