Woman Films Sleeping Puppy, But No One Can Stop Talking About His Adorable Pajamas

by Mauricio Castillo
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Fair warning to all about to watch this video: You are in for a serious dosage of cuteness. A puppy by himself? Already cute. But a puppy wearing pajamas?!

That’s just ridiculous.

Nonetheless, if you’re ready for some cuteness-overload, then meet Miles, an adorable rescue puppy whose unbearably cute face and “aww”-inspiring pajamas are making him go viral.

The video below was shot by Candice, who owns the Instagram account Roofus and Kilo — which you can visit here — and who frequently shares pictures and videos of her farm in Oregon, which specializes in rescuing and fostering dogs.

And it’s one video in particular that is really causing an avalanche of cuteness. In the video, Candice is holding little Miles on her lap. The rescue pup is fast asleep, but it’s his appearance that really steals the show.

He’s wearing some adorable rubber-ducky pajamas, his puppy-gut hanging freely. Unsurprisingly, the video has earned over 70,000 views and over 700 comments — and counting.

Miles is just one of 100 dogs Candice has rescued and fostered since starting her mission 5 years ago.

“I was volunteering with all three of my local shelters and animal rescue group. Unfortunately, the number of animals getting adopted only sometimes outnumbered the ones being put down,” Candice told FOX 5.

You can check out more of Miles and the other dogs on their Facebook page here.

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