9 Frisky Puppies Pounce On Mom In Snowy Field, But She’s No Match For Their Energy

by Nicoletta Richardson

There’s nothing quite like being snowed in with your family, especially if you’re prepared with cookie mix, hot chocolate, and entertaining board games and movies to pass the time.

And, of course, you need to have your snow gear handy to take advantage of the fresh powder covering the ground. Not only is it a blast to walk around in a winter wonderland — throwing snowballs and making snow angels as you go — there are also some health benefits that many aren’t aware of.

When a golden retriever mom, Boon, took her nine 7-week-old pups out to enjoy the snow in this video from May 2014, there was no holding back the fun.

At first, her babies surround her, wagging their tales and looking like they are trying to give her as many kisses as possible.

Then, as Boon tries to get up and move away from her excited pups, they follow her aggressively — not letting her escape playtime so soon.

Throughout their snow day, the mama golden retriever leaps, frolics, and wrestles with all nine of her babies, showing what seems like an endless amount of energy.

Even though it looks exhausting, Boon doesn’t seem to mind putting in the energy for her pups whatsoever. There’s no doubt this dog would do anything for her family — even get pounced on in the snow for what seems like forever!

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