Monster Abandons 5 Puppies On The Road In Freezing Cold, Then Rescuers Find The Box

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

For animal lovers, especially those with pets, it’s unfathomable that anyone would want to abandon adorable pets.

It breaks many people’s hearts to know that hundreds of helpless animals find themselves on the street, without any food or water.

But what’s worse, perhaps, is when a human puts them in that position. Many understand that, sometimes, due to extenuating circumstances, pets must be returned to shelters. Such circumstances include moving away to a place that doesn’t allow pets, for example.

But what is inexcusable is the unceremonious dumping of these poor animals by the side of the road, where no one will see them, or where they won’t get the attention they need.

Often, these poor creatures go cold and hungry for days before being found — if they’re found.

So when the Michigan Humane Society received a call about puppies abandoned in a plastic crate in the cold, rescuers rushed to the scene. Indeed, the organization found a clear crate covering a blue one.

When they lifted the first crate, they found the five adorable puppies inside, cold and hungry, but otherwise in decent health. They were hauled away to be treated and to recover.

Now, one little pup has been adopted, and the others are in foster care!

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