She Notices Pupils Are Different Sizes And Uncovers Pre-Stroke Disease Affecting Tons Of Women

by June Rivers
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ER nurse Pam Mace was in great shape and exercised every day. But at the age of 37, she suffered a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or mini stroke.

That day, Pam had woken up with a headache. Later, she noticed her pupils were suddenly different sizes.

Pam then experienced dizziness and numbness on the left side of her face.

Since she’s a nurse, Pam knew the symptoms of stroke, but refused to accept it could happen to her. She waited to take herself to the hospital, which proved to be a huge mistake.

“Because I waited so long to go to the hospital, my blood pressure continued to rise,” Pam wrote in a personal essay posted on This caused me to tear three of the four arteries that supply blood to the brain. Which basically means that the high blood pressure wore down my arteries and reduced the blood flow to my brain. Because of the tears I then formed aneurysms (balloon like bulges in the artery wall) along with other complications.

The mysterious symptoms — like the strangely dilated pupils — led doctors to uncover her rare disease and a cause of stroke. Watch the video below, and please SHARE this important information with your friends on Facebook.

Footage provided by WEWS Cleveland

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