Little Pug Sneaks Up On Clueless, Lounging Cat, But Then He Attacks Her With Kisses

by Kat Manos
Kat Manos is an Associate Editor who loves arguing about indie rock, classic literature, and "Star Wars."

We all know the saying “to fight like cats and dogs”  it doesn’t really suggest that cats and dogs can be friends!

But I think we need to hold out hope for our furry friends! Maybe cats and dogs can look beyond the past and be cuddling buddies.

In the video below, one little pug and gray Scottish fold kitty seem to have a bit of a tiff. Perhaps they have a history beyond this clip that we’ll never see.

Regardless, the pug sneaks up behind the cat as she lounges and quietly cleans herself. The suspenseful music in the video really adds to it  you can’t help but feel like something is about to happen.

Then, the pug pounces on the cat, giving her love bites and licking her head. The cat isn’t scared: she quickly responds by starting to lick him, too.

The two tussle and keep biting and licking each other, but is there love there? The longer the video goes on, the more it’s obvious.

This little pug and cat might be different species, but they’re totally willing to become friends.

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