This Black Hen Is Convinced She Is A Dog, So Mom Treats Her Like One

by Emerald Pellot
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Jessie Allen got the black hen from a friend who had no idea how to take care of the baby chicken.

“She knows I’m the chicken lady, so I said, ok, bring her,” Allen said.

“She looked awful, and really was so ugly. Cute, so ugly she was cute, and I said, “awww you’re just a little Pudder Dudder.””

Allen believes Pudder Dudder is more like a dog than a chicken. Pudder doesn’t care much for hanging out with the other chickens in the coop across the yard. Instead she stays inside, hanging out with Allen, and hoping to snag a piece of cheese from the refrigerator.

“She has been camping, fishing,” Allen said. “She’s been on a motorcycle too.

She loves driving in the truck; she looks out the window.”

Pudder can be helpful to the family, too. When Allen’s husband brought home a few fertilized eggs, Pudder sat on them for 30 days until she hatched three little chicks.

The fluffy chicken follows her mama throughout the house, pecking on the door so that Allen will let her in.

“She doesn’t like to be by herself,” Allen said. “She follows me like a dog. She’ll even follow me to the bathroom, bedroom — anywhere. When I go to sew in my sewing room, she’s there with me. I’ll put her up on my shoulder, she’ll sit there for hours and watch me sew. She loves driving in the truck. She’s just like a dog really, she’s crazy. She’s just spoiled rotten.”

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