‘Hunger In America’s Heartland’ Sheds Light On Families In Poverty

by Jillian Gorry
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While parenting can certainly be a hardship, there are many families in America who have very little resources necessary in order to stay afloat.

“It’s rough every day,” Christina Dreier says to the camera, while her young son diligently carries a heavy bag of trash over one shoulder. He slowly makes his way to the garbage can outside, but it’s the contents within — or perhaps, the contents that aren’t within — that is the most shocking part of all.

Their family of four barely has any food to eat.

In this incredibly important PSA, Hunger In America’s Heartland, we’re given a glimpse of the immense pressure one couple has to contend with as they struggle to provide for their children.

Even with some assistance, the stakes are always high and they never know what a new day will bring to their table.

There are, however, people working hard to change this unfortunate reality. A farmer recently began to donate his harvest to organizations for those in need, and even celebrities are shedding some much-needed light on this widespread issue.

Dreier ends the video with an important reminder for all of us: “We try to do our best for our children, but it’s not enough.”

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