Woman Receives Flowers From Husband, But There’s A Catch

by Barbara Diamond
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This is a real P.S. I Love You-type of story come to life in the most incredible way.

Kayla Miller of West Virginia was at work when a co-worker received a big, gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Of course, many of her co-workers were excited about the unexpected delivery and gathered around to see who they were from. The flowers, as it turned out, were from the woman’s husband… who passed away two years ago. Before he passed away, this wonderful man took the time and effort to make sure his wife would feel loved on days she’d find it difficult to go on without him.

Kayla posted her story to Facebook, and it’s now quickly going viral. She says she’s sharing it not only because it’s so heartwarming, but also to show girls that true love is possible — and never to settle for anything less.

Scroll down to hear her amazing story, and others in a similar vein of romance…

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“I get to witness a real-life P.S. I Love You story,” Kayla Miller wrote on Facebook.

“These flowers were delivered to work today for a lady I work with. They are from her husband who passed away two years ago. Every holiday/birthday since his passing she has been receiving flowers, presents, and jewelry from him. Before he passed he lined all of this up for her so she wouldn’t feel alone on those days that would be the hardest to spend apart.

I am sharing this story not only because it’s amazing and it warms my heart, but to show girls that true love is real. You don’t have to settle for someone because you think no one else will love you. You don’t have to put up with being cheated on or lied to or being talked down to. You are a prize to be won, and there is someone out there that will love you forever and even through the afterlife. I hope this brightens your day and P.S. I Love You.”

This isn’t the first real-life love story à la P.S. I Love You, a popular 2004 novel that was adapted into a feature-length movie in 2007.

P.S. I Love You tells the tale of a widow who discovers that her late husband has left her messages from “beyond the grave” to help ease her pain and move forward.

In 2013, a clip from Redbook magazine began circulating online. A 68-year-old woman from Houston, Texas submitted her heartwarming story.

Sue Johnson was married to a man named John. Every Valentine’s Day, John gave Sue a bouquet of flowers. After 46 years of marriage, John died. But the following Valentine’s Day, Sue received a bouquet — it was from John.

At first, Sue was upset and assumed it was all a bad mistake, so she called the florist. She was stunned to discover that John prepaid for the flowers.

Not only did he already pay for those flowers, but John prepaid for bouquets that would cover many more Valentine’s Days to come.

After all, his card read, “My love for you is eternal.”

Skeptics say this story is no more than an urban legend, while many romantics believe the story is real.

Jimmy and Billie, a couple from Mississippi, were married for 60 years. In the days following Billie’s death, Jimmy found a mysterious note in Billie’s checkbook.

She left it there hoping he would find it. Jimmy was blown away by her message.

In January 2015, the couple’s grandson, Cliff, posted the note to Facebook. It read, “Please don’t cry because I died! Smile because I lived! Know that I’m in a happy place! Know that we will meet again! I will see you there!”

For Jimmie, the note provided him a much needed sense of comfort and peace.

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