5th Grader Tells Mom He Volunteered To Protect Classmates In Case Of An Active Shooter At School

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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The news of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, is still shaking the nation.

People all over the country are devastated by the horrific tragedy that occurred on February 14, 2018.

Students, teachers, and parents alike have started the conversation about school safety once again. Although no child should have to be prepared for what to do in the case of an active shooter, that’s the unfortunate reality we live in.

It’s awful, but most teens and kids know exactly what to do and where to hide should a gunman open fire in their school.

After hearing about what happened in Florida, mom and educator Tanai Benard asked her son about lockdown drills. She reminded her fifth grader to take these drills seriously, and his response almost made her break down.

Read below to find out exactly Tanai’s son said that gave her a huge lump in her throat.

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tanai facebook

Tanai posted about her son’s response on Facebook, where it immediately got a lot of attention.

Within five days, the post had over 323,000 reactions and 157,000 shares.

fifth grade class

Tanai wrote:

My 5th grader and I were conversing on the way to work/school this morning. As an educator, I wanted to be sure he and his classmates were taking the school safety drills seriously and not using it as a time to socialize and goof off.

dez classroom

Me: Have you guys praticed a lockdown drill in class yet?

Dez: Are you talking about an active shooter drill?

Me: Yes

Dez: Yes, we practiced it

tanai kids

Me: So tell me what you are suppose to do.

Dez: The teacher is suppose to shut and lock the door, put the black paper over the window on the door. Then myself and three other boys are suppose to push the table against the door. After that all the class is going to stand behind us on the back wall.

tanai family

Me: The class is suppose to stand behind who?

Dez: Me and the other 3 boys. We stand at the front and they get behind us.

tanai selfie

*I internally went from 0 to 100 real quick. My child is one of only 2 black children in a class of 23. Being transparent, I immediately went to the “why is my black son being put on the front line?” (Just being real) So I asked before I verbally stated my thoughts*

dez fifth grade

Me: Why did you get picked to stand in front of everyone else if a shooter came in your school?

Dez: I didn’t get picked. I volunteered to push the table and protect my friends

tanai sunglasses

Me: *immediate nausea * Dez why would you volunteer to do that?

Dez: If it came down to it I would rather be the one that died protecting my friends [than] have an entire class die and I be the only one that lived

dez toys

Father God, it took everything out of me not to breakdown. I still have a lump in my throat.

10 d*mn years old and this has to be our babies thought process in America.

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