Popular Teen Becomes Prom King, Then Passes His Crown To Classmate Who Survived Deadly Tornado

by Angela Andaloro

Jason Smith is a joy to be around, and his fellow high school classmates appreciate his positive spirit.

The high school senior has overcome quite a bit to get to where he is today. In 2010, Jason’s home was hit by a tornado. Jason’s mother, Tammy Rider, was killed. Jason’s grandfather found Jason and his two siblings in the debris. The tragedy left Jason with a traumatic brain injury and his brother, Ethan, in a wheelchair. Despite everything Jason’s been through, he keeps a smile on his face and the faces of those around him.

One of those faces is that of Dylan Scott-Gibson, a student-athlete.

“He loves John Cena; he loves to give high fives,” Dylan told KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4. “He’s just a great person to be around at all times”

When Dylan learned that he was elected prom king, he had someone else in mind who he thought was a better fit for the title. He handed the prom king crown over to Jason. “I felt like he would enjoy it more than I would and, man, he did,” Dylan recalled. “His smile lit up prom, definitely.”

It wasn’t just his smile that had the room captivated. His moves on the dance floor were right up there as well. “Everybody was getting loud, I mean, the energy just picked up. It was amazing, and he’s a good dancer too,” Dylan said. When the two teenage boys graduate in just a few short weeks, they’ll have a whole community behind them, cheering them on.

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

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