Young Woman Can No Longer Speak And Walk After Drunk Driver Crash, Then Becomes Runway Model

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Emily Bowman was only 20-years-old when a drunk driver hit her as she walked. The crash left her unable to walk or speak for 14 months.

Despite her traumatic injuries, Emily has not given up.

Emily will spend her 24th birthday living the dream of many girls her age — she’ll be modeling.

Project Rollway is an annual fashion show held at Shepherd Center, a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in treatment for patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. This year, Emily was invited to model.

Emily will make her way down the runway in front of an audience of 400, which is a big enough crowd to give anyone stage fright, but she feels confident. She’s “excited about trying not to be shy about all these people watching me.”

Even though the name of the event is Project Rollway, Emily plans to walk, not roll, down the runway. The staff at Shepherd Center have helped Emily get back onto her feet and walk with a cane — but she wants to strut down the runway without one.

Patty Antcliff, therapist at the Shepherd Center, says that Project Rollway aims to show patients “there is life after injury, there is hope for you.”

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